Thursday 10 December 2015

Historical Ancestral Mansion at Cambados, Galicia, Spain

The Parador group in Spain is a collection of historical monuments converted into luxury hotels, run by the Spain government.  Here at the Parador in Cambados, heart of the Albariño vineyards in Galicia, we had the opportunity of staying at what was once an ancestral mansion.  Its squarish layout betrays its somewhat austere past, but its interior decor was charming and inviting.  

Many of the rooms are dedicated to Galician writers, and the special room in this property is named after the famed 20th century poet and dramatist Herminia Fariña.  The Parador director took us on a tour of the special room and the rest of the property, which was calmly filled with beautiful old furniture.  Rooms are tastefully appointed too, with an ambiance that exudes a demur historical charm.  The breakfast in the morning was a sumptuous feast.

The hotel sits on the same road as the yearly Albariño festival, which takes place around the first Sunday of August.  Beyond that is the ocean, where you could see fishermen tidying up their boats and fishnets at a distance. 

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