Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pontevedra, a quinessential Galician town

My summer performances had brought me to Galicia, northwest Spain, where I based myself in the pretty town of Cambados for a few good days.  Exploring the region is easy, with quick connections to the regional motorway (or autovia in Spanish) and scenic country roads.

20 minutes southeast of Cambados is the ancient town of Pontevedra.  Situated at the mouth of a river, there had been intense trading activities since antiquity.  It later became one of the main ports of Galicia.  It is a popular myth that Greek
heros of the Trojan war began trading in Pontevedra and hence the city as we know it was established, becoming a glowing example of a Galician town.

In the meandering streets one finds tapas restaurants and "Pulperia" - little eateries that specialize in serving Galician octopus.  Interesting antique shops add to the vintage feel of the old town, and the numerous Gothic churches and squares attest to the glorious past of the proud Galicians.  It was also here that the first book in Galician (or Galego) was published.

Half an hour from Vigo airport, lying on the main autovia of the region that branches out to fantastic little towns, resorts and beaches, Pontevedra is a must-visit for visitors to Galicia's Rias Baixas region. 

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蓬特韋德拉位於主要公路的旁邊,從維戈機場出發車程只需半小時,是遊覽加利西亞省 Rias Baixas 區不能錯過的一站。

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